More Than Sports Inc.

Empowering children through sports 

At More Than Sports Inc our goal is to help children develop emotionally, mentally, and physically through sports and group games. 


About Us

Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

More Than Sports Inc. Was created to help children understand that sports are not only physical but also mental and emotional as well. We make a conscious effort to teach children all the things you can gain from sports and games that can benefit them beyond the court or field. There’s so many core values and positive character traits you can gain from physical activities like perseverance, commitment, dedication, hard work, teamwork, discipline, integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, respect, responsibility, being unselfish, effort, communication, empathy, passion, develop a work ethic, and these different traits can help children at a very young age with self awareness self-confidence self respect positive self esteem as well as building others up versus breaking others down. 


What We Offer

A healthy and fun environment where children can develop positive values morals and learn life lessons through sports and group games 


All Sports & Group Games Pods 

Building a Better Future

These pods will consist of organized team sports and group games. The pods will run Monday through Friday from 3:30-5:30 pm @ Lafayette elementary school. The goal is to organize the pods by grade but because fall sports are returning that might not be possible. Please feel free to email or call to inquire about a certain day and grade level. 


Recess Programs 

Organizing and supervising different sports & group games during the student's recess. 


Enrichment Classes 

Teaching children through sports 

We offer different enrichment classes from interactive football all sports and group games. As well a girl power class as well. 


Individual & Group Training Sessions 

For continued growth and development 

We offer one on one training in football, basketball, street hockey, and different speed and agility drills as well. We also offer small group training as well. 


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